Fast, Simple, Secure

The Click n’ Close platform is the culmination of our vision provide an easy, fast, secure digital mortgage process from A to Z.  Most people don’t understand that a mortgage has 4 parts:  Application, Documentation, Approval, Closing.  While most mortgage companies focus on just one of the parts, we have designed a complete, automated, “end-to-end” home buying or refinancing process. You literally can ‘Click’ and ‘Close’.

With our bank-level security & SSL encryption system, Click n’ Close automatically imports credit, asset and income information directly into your loan application.  In some cases we will need to gather this information from you manually, but when we can gather it electronically, Click n’ Close can review your loan application and provide a Pre-Approval in as little as 8 minutes!

It Gets Even Better!

We are NOT some nameless, faceless machine.  If you need any assistance, our personal Click n’ Close team is here to help over real-time chat, email or over the phone.

And, while other lenders will have you drive to a title company to spend a couple of hours ink-signing documents, with Click n’ Close  everything is digital. You can click sign most of the documents right from your kitchen table. In states that allow for remote notaries, you can CLOSE THE ENTIRE LOAN from your kitchen table! This digital process saves you hours of time and eliminates errors that cause funding delays!

Finally, a process engineered for efficiency !

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