Assistance may be available if you are experiencing hardship or affected by a natural disaster, please click here for available options.
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Mortgage Assistance

We understand life can have some unexpected situations and we’re here to help in the event you are facing hardship. We provide a hardship/loss mitigation review to evaluate for foreclosure alternatives.

You may apply directly through your CARE Account and submit the documentation needed for review. Within 5 business days, we will reach out to you to advise you of the status of the application, whether it is complete or incomplete and what additional documentation may be needed to continue the review. We will also send you this information in writing.

You can also review and download the application here by selecting your servicer below. This document also contains a list of documents you might need for your application.


If you would like to speak directly with a representative, you may contact us at our toll-free number 888-845-6535.

The Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) is a federal program to help households who are behind on their mortgages and other housing-related expenses due to the impacts of COVID-19, please click to the following link for more information.

If you need help after a disaster, local recovery resources and FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers can be found in the following link. You may also contact us on-line or at the above referenced toll-free number to review assistance options for your specific situation.

If You Are Experiencing Financial Difficulty and would like mortgage counseling or assistance, you can find a list of counselors in your area on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s website at or by calling 800-569-4287.


A mortgage assumption is the process of one borrower taking over, or assuming, another borrower’s existing home loan and the outstanding balance, mortgage interest rate, repayment period and other terms attached to the loan. Only government insured loans are eligible for an assumption. To find more information on qualifications and guidelines, please contact .


SCRA (Servicemembers Civil Relief Act) is a program that provides certain protections in lending for servicemembers who are called to Active Duty. If you or any other person on the mortgage is a servicemember you may be entitled to certain protections under the Federal Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (50 U.S.C. Sec 501) regarding the servicemember’s interest rate and the risk of foreclosure. If you are or your spouse is serving on active military duty, including active military duty as a member of the Texas National Guard or the National Guard of another state or as a member of a reserve component of the armed forces of the United States, we respectfully request you provide a copy of your military orders to

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