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Should You Refinance Your Home?

Be sure you understand your reason for refinancing your home. While it is tempting to lower your monthly payment, it can lead to a longer mortgage term which increases the overall spend on interest and could lower your credit score.

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Benefits to Refinancing Your Home

There are benefits to refinancing your home. Refinancing your home can eliminate the need for mortgage insurance and free up cash. You can potentially lower your interest rate and pay off your loan faster. It is recommended you find a trustworthy lender by shopping around for products, rates and fees.

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Estimate Your Refinance with a Mortgage Payment Calculator and Current Mortgage Rates

You have many options to refinance your home, including cash out refinance, along with 30 and 15 year terms to name a few. Understand how a refinance will change your current situation with our mortgage payment calculator. While on that page, you can view current mortgage rates. When you are ready to refinance, contact our experts today.

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