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Timesaving Digital Mortgage Approval Process

A mortgage has four parts: application, documentation, approval and closing. Most mortgage lenders focus on just one of the previous four parts but Click n’ Close dares to be different by focusing on all four, giving you end-to-end service with a trustworthy lender.

Timesaving Mortgage Process

Buying a home can be a daunting procedure. Go with the lender that makes it easy.



The application can be completed in mere minutes after answering simple questions and utilizing the secure platform to import your bank statement directly from the financial institution.


Credit Review

Click n' Close uses a secure method which retrieves and analyzes your credit history digitally through the encrypted platform.



Our digital integrations import your bank and employment information directly into your application, verifying these records as they are imported. This shaves days off the loan approval process!


Pre-Approval Letter

Once your pre-approval letter is generated, your real estate agent will help you shop with confidence, knowing you have already secured financing.


Locate a Property

Find the home of your dreams! Your pre-approval letter from Click n' Close will strengthen your offer for a fair, affordable sales price.



You will receive a batch of intial disclosures which you can review and sign electronically from the comfort of your home.



A licensed property appraiser will make a visit to the home, take photos and generate a report detailing what they deem to be the appraised value of the property.



Your loan transaction will be presented to an underwriter to ensure all aspects of your loan meets various program guidelines and legal requirements.



When your closing date is at hand, you will receive your closing documents to review and sign. These can be signed using our eClosing platform in your pajamas. Welcome home!

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Click n’ Close is Engineered for Efficiency

An email sends faster than snail mail; so, why wait for funding in the mail when you can close your dream home in thirty minutes or less? The Click n’ Close process eliminates the mountains of paperwork.

What is eClosing?

eClosing is the electronic execution of mortgage loan closing documents in a securitized digital environment. The secure SSL encrypted process is generally funded within five minutes of the final signature allowing the peace of mind for all involved in the transaction. Digital closings eliminate paperwork which can entail incorrect or missing signatures thus delaying the process. All states have approved eClosing yet it differs by jurisdiction.

What is Remote Notary?

A traditional notary can add on over an hour to the process. Think of remote notary as a webcam interview. With remote notary, you will condense the closing process down to just ten minutes and complete it anywhere with internet access.

Remote notarization is approved in the following states:

Click n' Close Mortgage Efficiency

Click n’ Close is ready to put you in your dream home!

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