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Since 1986, mortgage assumptions have been a useful tool for sellers to get out of debt and buyers to take advantage of a lower interest rate. Click n’ Close Inc.™ has improved this legacy program by adding extra benefits for the modern era. SmartAssumptions™ aims to simplify the process for all parties involved.


If you are in a tight spot financially, break free of your mortgage with the help of SmartAssumption™.

Unlike other programs, SmartAssumption™ works to get you out of your mortgage even if you are behind on payments.If you are in behind on your loan, you are at risk of losing the return on your house over time. Thankfully, SmartAssumption™ works to override account delinquency and sell your house.


With a SmartAssumption™ loan program, you can get yesterday’s interest rates on today’s homes. In addition to not needing appraisals or title policy’s, you get a second mortgage with a blended interest rate.This blended interest rate has the potential to be lower than current market rates. SmartAssumption™ is uniquely designed to help buyers assume existing mortgages and have a fast, hassle-free home buying experience.

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How it works:

Step 1

Schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable experts. The consultation provides an opportunity for you to share details about your unique situation. Our experts are skilled at listening and gathering relevant information to determine eligibility.

Step 2

If the seller qualifies, SmartAssumption™ will create a plan that makes it easier to sell your house. Then, the seller will be able to list their house on the market and find a buyer.

Step 3

Once both parties are ready for the purchase, SmartAssumption™ provides the seller with the funds to bring their late mortgage current.With the mortgage made current, the seller is now able to sell their house.


Step 4

The buyer then assumes the original mortgage as well as a bonus mortgage that covers the equity difference in the first.The buyer can now enjoy an overall lower mortgage payment.

Step 5

The seller is free of mortgage payments and is able to pursue other long term financial opportunities.


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